Erectile Dysfunction Natural Ingredients Treatment

5 Natural Ingredients for Erectile Dysfunction 

Erectile dysfunction, popularly known as ED, is a man’s greatest nightmare. It refers to a condition where you are unable to get a firm erection that can last you through an intercourse. Symptoms of ED include low libido levels or decreased sexual desire.
The condition pushes men to the edge of desperation. When you have this condition, you can do anything to get your sex life back. This includes buying anything marketed as a cure for impotence. But it’s very important to know the natural ingredients used in making these supplements. In this article, we tell you the natural ingredients that are used to make natural erectile dysfunction medications.

1. Panax ginsengbigger penis

Panax Ginseng, aptly christened the herbal Viagra due to its effectiveness, is backed by solid research regarding its potency in helping cure erectile dysfunction.
Researchers reviewed 7 studies of the relationship between ED and red ginseng in 2008. Patients were given dosages ranging from 600 to 1000 mg thrice daily. The conclusion was that there was suggestive evidence for red ginseng’s effectiveness in erectile dysfunction treatment. Currently there are more ongoing research to examine how this Korean ingredient influences ED.Among other things, Panax ginseng extract contains ginsenosides whose actions at the cellular level improve erection.
The red ginseng is thought to be most effective on people who have high metabolic syndrome and high lipids in their blood. This magic herb has anti-inflammatory action, improves blood flow and also improves lung function. All these characteristics may reduce ED.

2. Horny Goat Weednatural male enhancement ingredients

Traditional Chinese medicine has long used extracts from horny goat weed to treat erectile dysfunction. A study on rats showed that this herb works, but it has not yet been tested on human being.
Experts say the herb boosts energy and is recommended to balance out the whole body in addition to helping you deal with your ED problem. It has also been linked to reduced blood pressure in humans.

3. DHEAbigger penis

DHEA, which is Dehydroepiandrosterone, is a natural hormone that’s produced by the body’s adrenal glands. The hormone can be converted to testosterone and estrogen in the body. The dietary supplements are made from soy and yam.According to a Massachusetts male aging study, men suffering from ED most likely had low levels of DHEA hormone. Another study conducted in 2009 had 40 men participate in a research where half of them were given 50 mg DHEA with half of them receiving placebo daily for 6 months. The result of the study was that the people who received DHEA dosage attained and maintained an erection more easily than those given a placebo.

DHEA has more recently been identified as a treatment for erectile dysfunction for people with concurrent diabetes. Men are commonly affected by ED because of hormonal issues and diabetes complications which interfere with flow of blood to the vital organs.It works to increase your body’s testosterone count and is therefore more effective in people with low levels of testosterone.

4. L-arginineheart health

This amino acid is naturally produced by the body and it helps in making nitric oxide. The importance of nitric oxide is that it relaxes blood vessels which in turn facilitate successful erection. It’s very important for healthy sexual functioning.A study was conducted to examine the effects of L-arginine on erectile dysfunction. In the study, 31% of men who took 5 g of L-arginine amino acid per day were seen to have significant improvements on sexual functions.

Another research showed that L-arginine, when used together with pycnogenol, restored sexual ability by 80% in participants after 2 months.
There was also another placebo-controlled study showed that L-arginine used with other medications, was safe, well-tolerated and effective especially for mild-to-moderate cases of ED.

5. Ginkgo Bilobabigger penis

This is one of the top-selling herbal remedies in not only the US but also Europe. The extracts from this tree species is believed to boost blood flow which in turns gives you a stronger and longer lasting erection. It’s mainly used for treating blood memory issues and disorders although some people also use it for treatment of ED.


Erectile dysfunction can push you to do just about anything. At the height of this desperation, you can buy any product being sold out there as a cure. But some of these products may not just work but are also harmful for you. The above are the natural and safe ingredients that you should always look for in any ED pills.

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